DEPILSIL is the only glove recommended by ICO (Institut Català d'Oncologia - Catalan Oncology Institute), as a hair removal system with no harm and for any kind of skin. institut-catala-d-oncologia.jpg

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DEPILSIL is the perfect system for the young ones who want to start their hair removal process because it is painless and very simple to use. No appointments, no devices and no harm, anyone can use it in just 10 minutes. It is small and discreet and you can have it in your purse or bag and it allows you a quick hair removal in any moment. For travelling, for can always have it. This product has a cover and a hair removal glove (both made of natural leather) and 6 charges. The charges are the same size than the glove and you can stick them on it.


DEPILSIL is the first natural and painless hair removal system. It was born as a result of the investigation and the development of old and rudimentary hair removal systems. We are the original system because it is a patented and a registered trademark.

Natural and Painless

Because DEPILSIL just uses natural products, it is harmless for our body and for this reason it is not agressive for our skin. Our method is completely painless. We offer the perfect solution in front of other hair removal systems that damage our skin.


DEPILSIL is highly aware with some of the problems that our society has, and for this reason as a less agressive system for the skin, we are recommended by Institut Català d'Oncología (Catalan Oncology Institute) and colaborate with Banc de Sang i Teixits de l'Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau (Sant Pau Hospital Blood Bank) of Bacelona, and more social initiatives.

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DEPILSIL also acts as a gentle exfoliator so your skin will be smooth and free from ingrown hairs, stubble and shaving rash.

DEPILSIL mircro-particles gradually work to inhibit the function of the hair roots so you just need time to see that the hair grows back and less until it dissapears. After just three or four uses you will be able to see that body hair grows back more slowly and sparsely.


• Discreet painless and simple. No expensive appointments, no fiddly bits and pieces, no complicated instructions – making it perfect for slipping in to your bag for trips and holidays.

DEPILSIL is so gentle and easy to use that it is perfect for teenagers, and for removing hair in smaller sensitive areas such as the bikini line, under arm upper lip and chin.

DEPILSIL set includes

• Reusable natural leather pad and case (our intention is to protect the environment in a natural way and protect your skin, for this reason we don't use any chemicals in our products).

• Each pack also includes 6 hair removal patches, which are attached to the pad with an adhesive side when you need them. Each patch has enough silicone micro-particles to use for whole body hair removal 3 to 4 times. 6 patches will therefore last around one year, depending on the type of your hair. More patches can be purchased as required.


Our history

Since our commitment is huge, in March 2021 we were finalists in the Princess of Girona Foundation Business Award, designed to recognize young people who show entrepreneurial initiative in the execution of an original and viable business project, who are concerned to build a fairest and globalized world and who have the ability to take risks and the motivation to induce changes in society.



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Opinions by our customers

It is a great product and it doesn't hurt at all. Thank you DEPILSIL.” Denise S.

CI wasn't sure about this system but after trying it, I amb very happy. It is always a good and nice experiencie.” Tina K.

After using the razor my entire life, I gave a chance to DEPILSIL. Now, I always recommend it to all my friends and family.” Dave P.

My favourite thing about DEPILSIL is that I can put it in my bag and when I arrive at the gym I can use it and in 4 minutes my legs are ready to hit the spinning class.” Rachel G.


The Original, imitations untested, choose Depilsil 

DEPILSIL is a protected brand by its patent and a registered trademark by the spanish authorities for its mode of use request form n. U201500119 and publication ES1139307 at 11/27/2015 in the OEPM (Spanish Patents and Trademarks Office) (n. 3545547(0)) at 07/14/2015 with the resolution the 07/07/2015. And in Europe, request n. 015492267 and resolution at 10/11/2016 by the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office). We have manufacturing and sales permit afforded by Departament de Salut de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Health Ministery of Catalonia).