In order to purchase in our online establishment, the user must agree with our terms and conditions. The data obtained from the registration of our clients are protected by the Organic Law 3/2018, Personal Data Protection and Digital Rights Guarantee European Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, on the terms of it. The relations between buyer and seller are subject to such legislation in reference to the terms and conditions that are binding on both parties.


All orders will be considered binding. The confirmation and payment of the order establishes the acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale in reference to the legislation in force in mercantile matters, by the options of payment, conditions of delivery and certification of guarantee. Orders that contain visibly insufficient or incorrect data can be cancelled.


3.1. The payment of the orders will be made according to the conditions of delivery to the customer, by bank card in any case.

3.2. All prices of products in our store are final prices. (All applicable taxes are included).

3.3. The operator reserves the right to modify the prices of the products in his online shop. If the handling and shipping costs change, these can change the final price of the product.

3.4. In no case can you choose a certain color characteristic in the order of our product, but there is the possibility, after the online order has been made, to contact us by email or telephone, express your desire on such characteristics, whenever possible, will be satisfied.

3.5. Unless otherwise indicated, the place of delivery is the address indicated by the buyer at the delivery address of the order. The first address indicated or capable of interpretation shall also be taken.

3.6. If the customer rejects the goods on the grounds that the goods are damaged or in bad condition, the customer shall be entitled to reimbursement of handling and shipping costs.

3.7. If the logistic operator tries to make delivery of the order and it is not possible to make it, after the time of the operator’s protocol for delivery, if the order is returned to the sender, to receive the order again, the customer will have to pay the shipping price again.

If the orded was transfered at logistic operator the responsability to reclaim the delivery is responsability of buyer because in the Spanish comerce law is in this way. Any claim about the delivery is for the buyer, not for DEPILSIL.

3.8. The shipping prices are at the buyer’s expense and will be according to what he chose when he placed the order.

3.9. Your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties other than the contractual carrier for the delivery of your order.

3.10. For orders placed on Amazon, the terms of sale of Amazon’s own website will apply.


They are outside the scope of the statutory guarantee established in the following cases: The damages of the product during the transport, the responsible one will be the transport company, and therefore subsidiary to whom they should be claimed. Defects resulting from improper use of the product. Defects caused by improper storage of the product. Defects caused by natural elements. Defects caused by the use of the product contrary to the conditions laid down in the documentation or packaging of the product.

4.1. If the order is found outside one of these cases, the buyer must return the product to the seller and the seller will send an order with the same conditions as the one that formalized it.


5.1. The order can only be cancelled under the following conditions: When the order is in preparation. When the order is sent or received and it has not been unpacked from the means of delivery.

5.2. For the return only in the two above cases, the buyer must contact the seller within 3 days after the payment and confirmation of the order or within 3 days upon receipt of the order.

5.3. The costs of return shall always be borne by the buyer and by the same means as the customer requested when placing the order and within a period not exceeding 7 calendar days.

5.4. If it is observed that the returned goods have damage or wear, partial or total, the seller shall be entitled to compensation for the damage caused to the goods, for which the funds for the payment of the order shall be taken as security.


If the order is rewarded with a gift or promotion, and there is a avoidance of contract due to negligence or fault of the buyer, the seller is exempted from any kind of liability and if there are quantifiable damages, the seller is entitled to compensation for damage caused even though it is a gift or promotion.

These conditions are valid from 6 December 2018.