1. The replacements last for a short time, how can I make them last longer?

From DEPILSIL we would like to give you some advices to realise a good use of your glove with an ideal duration and leaving a soft and smooth skin.

- We have to keep in mind that if we have a lot of hair or it is strong, obviously, we will use more silicon. For this reason we recommend using the glove when the hair is still short, don't wait until it grows up again in any body part.

- The silicon microparticles in the recplacements have an optimum duration from thee to four entire depilations. The depilation must be with the skin clean, no oils or body creams, no sweat...if for any reason we have our skin with any of the conditions commented below, we will apply some baby powder. If we realise the hair removal with any of the skin conditions commented below the replacement won't act properly and it would be useless for any use.

2. I use the glove but the hair grows up anyway, what can I do to weaken the root?

- If We realise the hair removal as it says in Mode of Use, the shave will be better and the silicon microparticles can reach a deeper level in the pore. There the microparticules thanks to the friction will debilitate the root of the corporal hair. - With a constant treatment, from two or three times per week during the first month and a half, the root will be more weak and the hair removals will become not that often, ultil the hair won't appear.

3. When I use the glove I scratch my skin and it jurts, what am I doing wrong if it is painless?

- The silicon is a mineral used to make glass and what we have in the spares are natural silicon microcristals. If it hurts means that we have put too much pressure on the skin, for this reason we have to see the admissibility our skin has with this hair removal system. Our skin, and depending of the body part, has a different admissibility and if we exceed it can have as a result a painful depilation.

4. This kind of hair removal takes a lot of work, how can I simplify it?

Our system it's not long. Actually, it depens of the length of your hair, so, as shorter your hair is, the easiest, fastest and more effective. We don't need a long hair, the truth is that this method works better with the short hair in any body part.

5. I amb trying to shave but I can't do it, what can I do?

- We have to remenber that the spares will be useless whith any kind of humidity, if we are sweating or with any kind of oil or cream. It usually happens during the warmest seasons when the skin is more wet. To help keeping some of the body parts dry, as armpits or groins, we can apply baby powder.

6. I shaved already, is it necessary to use any kind of skin hidratation?

- From DEPILSIL we recommend to use a DEPILSIL Aloe Vera, it is the only substance that keeps your skin fully hidratated (out of chemical products and no additives).